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Artist Tim Garrett started creating paintings and exhibiting his works in Hampstead, London in the early 00's. With the local rock stars, artists, actors and bankers in abundance, Tim's artworks still proudly feature in many private Hampstead art collections.

Tim moved to Bow, East London in 2012 - helping local graffiti artists with their works and projects. Living a creative dream Tim became involved in many creative start-up projects - opening coffee shops, galleries, community hubs and painting where possible.


Using spray paint, oil and acrylic gauche, Tim began creating highly textured and striking iconic pop art portraits and has a permanent exhibition of these works in The Manor House, Wanstead. 

Now based in Mwnt, West Wales, the move has enabled Tim to re-connect with his love for walking, cloud and wave watching. Finding the artistic freedom he craved in the city, Tim's new work is inspired by the wild and remote local land and seascapes.



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